About Sheila

Welcome to Foot Care Professionals!  I am an adult nurse practitioner and certified foot care specialist from Rochester, MN.  I have worked 31 years at a local medical facility, and I am now expanding my passion to help people live independently with their foot care.   My goal is to provide accessible foot care services in a safe, timely manner.  My experience is people feel better when their feet feel better.  

My previous RN experience includes inpatient internal medicine 1994-1996, then I worked over 6 years in inpatient transplant (liver, kidney, pancreas transplant) 1996-2001. I worked as a nurse practitioner in surgical and medical gastrointestinal cancer prevention and treatment for 16 years 2001-2017, then most recently 4 years in Podiatry 2017-2021, caring for our local community patients.

My training includes experience with the podiatrist and nurse practitioner colleagues in Rochester, hands-on training workshop in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, medical podiatry video training though Rainier Med, and ongoing continuing medical education for both foot care and general medical care to maintain my nurse practitioner licensure and foot care certification.   I am a participating member in the American Foot Care Nurses Association (AFCNA).

I have found each area of medicine to be highly rewarding, each in different ways.  It helps me understand what patients go through with their health so I can support them accordingly.  I continually seek knowledge, and consider myself to be a lifelong learner.  I strive to provide personal, professional care for my patients. 

Foot Care Professionals was founded in December 2021 to provide an additional access point for routine foot care in our community.  My long term goal is to expand access to foot care services to Rochester, MN and surrounding area in an effort to prevent pain from thickened, incurving toenails and painful calluses.  This prevents infection and ulceration of the feet and improves quality of life and mobility.  It’s no secret that over time, it becomes difficult to care for feet for a variety of reasons. I hope to eventually expand services to include onsite and in-home mobile foot care service to meet the needs of our patients.