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Helping YOU live well with YOUR feet!

Serving you from 125 Live Center for Active Adults, located at 125 Elton Hills Drive NW, Room 112 Rochester, MN.

125 Live Members and nonMembers are welcome!

In-Home care also available

Contact Sheila Buehler APRN, CNP, CFCS at 507-269-7827 call/text, or email footcareprofessionalsllc@gmail.com to schedule appointment

Day, Evening, and Saturday appointments available – See Hours below.

Appointments: call/text 507-269-7827, email footcareprofessionalsllc@gmail.com

Serving Rochester, MN and surrounding area

Coming November 2022! New office at the Haley Building (previous Shopko North building) on North Broadway, next to Fit My Feet and Active PT! InHome care and care at 125 Live continue…


Foot Care Professionals is a foot care service offering in-home and in-office care for toenail trimming and debridement and callus paring.

Autoclave Sterilization

A four-method process is used to clean, disinfect, then sterilize instruments, ensuring maximal safety of medical instruments used for your foot care.


When your feet hurt, everything hurts. Regular foot care helps prevent pain, aid safe mobility, and prevent complications of painful calluses, foot ulcers or ingrown toenails.

  • Toenail trimming
  • Toenail thinning (debridement)
  • Callus paring (removal)
  • Assessment of shoe gear
  • Consideration of accommodative devices to support your foot structure
  • Physical examination of the feet including neurovascular evaluation as appropriate

“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.”

Leonardo da Vinci

This business was created with YOU in mind. Let us help YOU live well with YOUR feet!

About Us

Foot Care Professionals LLC is a professional medical company that provides foot care for people who need assistance for a variety of reasons. Started in December 2021 by Sheila Buehler APRN, CNP, the mission of this company is to expand foot care options for people in Rochester, MN and surrounding area. Both in-office and in-home foot care is available to meet the needs of our clients.


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Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce
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(507) 269-7827 Call or text

Find Us

Located downstairs in the 125 Live Building in Rochester, MN on North Broadway and Elton Hills Drive NW- Membership not required to receive care

125 Elton Hills Drive NW Room 112 Rochester, MN

Members and NonMembers of 125 Live are welcome!

Sign-in at the front desk, take stairs/elevator down 1 level, Room 112 two doors down- look for the sign!

See you soon!


Monday 9/26/22: 8am – 5pm

Tuesday 9/27/22: 8am – 5pm

Wednesday 9/28/22: 10am – 5pm

Thursday 9/29/22:  8am – 5pm

Friday 9/30/22: 8am – 5pm

Saturday 10/1/22: 9am – 1pm


Monday 10/3/22: 8am – 5pm

Tuesday 10/4/22: 8am – 5pm

Wednesday 10/5/22: 10am – 5pm

Thursday 10/6/22:  8am – 5pm

Friday 10/7/22: 8am – 5pm


Monday 10/10/22: 8am – 5pm

Tuesday 10/11/22: 8am – 5pm

Wednesday 10/12/22: 10am – 5pm

Thursday 10/13/22:  8am – 5pm

Friday 10/14/22: 8am – 5pm

Saturday 10/15/22: 9am – 1pm