What Kind of Medical Foot Care Do We Offer?

Find out what we can do for your feet in Rochester and Byron, MN

Foot care requires expertise. Time, tools, technique matter when creating a comfortable experience. It involves trimming and thinning toenails, removing calluses, addressing foot concerns in the context of your unique health situation. Foot Care Professionals can take care of your feet with gentle hands in Rochester and Byron, MN.

Contact us if you need:

  • Toenail treatments
  • Toenail care
  • Callus removal services
  • Foot callus treatments
  • Swift therapy for plantar warts
  • There are many reasons why you might need medical foot care. Thankfully, you can take advantage of our convenient mobile foot care services and get the care you need at home. Foot Care Professionals is an experienced medical foot care company that prioritizes patient safety. All instruments are processed with a 4 step cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing procedure including autoclave to ensure thorough, safe care.

    Don't neglect your feet. Reach out to Foot Care Professionals today.

    "The Human Foot Is a Masterpiece of Engineering and a Work of Art"

    Leonardo da Vinci

    Give your feet the attention they deserve

    Your feet work for you all day long. Give them the chance to recover with help from Foot Care Professionals. Our in-home and in-office foot care services include:

    • Toenail trimming
    • Toenail thinning (debridement)
    • Callus paring (removal)
    • Shoe gear and accommodative device assessment
    • Foot exams

    Our lead foot care specialist is an APRN, a CNP and a CFCS (Certified Foot Care Specialist). Reach out to us for in-office or in-home foot care services today.

    We can come to you

    We know that you can't always make it in to the clinic for foot care. That's why we offer mobile foot care services. You can schedule in-home foot care services as well as in-office foot care services.

    We offer discounts to multi-patient facilities. Call us at 507-269-7827 today to schedule an appointment in Rochester or Byron, MN.