Shelia is extremely knowledgeable in the area of foot care. Professional. Provided clear and precise education on foot care. Business is easy to access. Highly recommended.

I feel empowered and my feet feel amazing! Thank you so much Sheila! You are truly in the right career- you truly serve your patients! I am so happy I found your practice.

Amazing! I wish I could give TEN STARS!!! Sheila is a brilliant and dedicated professional, formerly of Mayo Clinic. She is a pioneer, having founded her own nurse practitioner practice. As an NP myself, I have the ultimate faith in her abilities; however, Sheila provides so much "above and beyond." She is compassionate, with her warmth and true concern touching every aspect of her practice. Her schedule is extremely flexible and she's just a call or text away. She makes every effort to keep costs low. Since many foot care procedures aren't covered by insurance, it is a blessing to find affordable care. Finally... my feet never looked or felt better!

K.G. Rochester, MN

Sheila is amazing at restoring feet to pain free walking! She's so personable and knowledgeable. She's gentle, but thorough at getting to the root of tough callouses and removing them. This service is so needed for people of all ages! It's affordable; wonderful since many foot care treatments are not covered by insurance. I call or email, and almost immediately get a response. She's very accommodating for getting in quickly. I highly recommend.

R.J. Rochester, MN

It was wonderful meeting Sheila yesterday. She provided me with information about my feet from a wealth of experience and research knowledge. She took care of the calluses on my big toes and helped me understand the planter faceitis on one foot. She set me up with cream and steps by which to care for my feet going forward. Sheila loves the work she does and helps you to feel at home immediately! I look forward to seeing her again, though that may not be for some time. That's how fabulous a job she did!

J.R. Rochester, MN

We found Sheila doing foot-care at our senior center and have been very happy to see her regularly. Very pleasant and outgoing person who is expert at what she does. She can reach my toenails much easier than I can and does trim and foot-massage every time. Highly recommend you try her services!

R.H. - Rochester, MN

Sheila provided foot and nail care to my father who is 93 years old. He has very thick, long toenails and the special tools and nippers that Sheila used were perfect. He was very relaxed in his recliner during the procedures of debreeding, trimming and foot massaging and even fell asleep. She was careful, professional and kind. We will schedule future appointments for sure.

E.M. - Rochester, MN

Sheila was very knowledgeable and we were impressed with the footcare and advice. She was sanitary and had impressive equipment to treat thick toenails. We will go back again

M.H. - Rochester, MN

"Sheila is the best hands down!"

A.Z. - Rochester, MN

Wonderful, professional foot care in Rochester!! Life is too short to live with foot pain! Shelia made a huge difference for me!

P. M. - Rochester, MN

Staffed by a knowledgeable nurse who explains foot problem/treatments in a clear and understandable way. Thanks so much!

S. A - Rochester, MN