Common Questions

This week marks the one month anniversary of the opening of Foot Care Professionals in a brick and mortar office- the transition from a mobile foot care service to expanding a new service line.

This presents an opportunity to answer some common questions that have come up.

What do I do? In a nutshell, I care for soles, and souls. As a certified foot care specialist, I care for your feet. Specifically, trim and thin (if needed) toenails, and remove calluses. As a nurse practitioner, I also assess the circulation, nerves, skin, bone structure, and pressure points of your feet. Since no two feet on this planet are the same, not even on the same person, it helps to know what you can do to support your “wheels.” This can be either in prevention of future issues or addressing current concerns that are hurting.

Also as a nurse, I strongly believe in empowering people to continue to live the most active life possible, and often there are things that cause pain in the feet that can be helped or even prevented. Personally, I believe in the dignity of the human spirit and its innate power to heal itself when given an optimal environment. Through my previous experience in transplant, cancer, and podiatry work, I have developed a deep respect for what our bodies can recover from, if only given the chance. My mission is to maintain and support the feet each person uniquely has however possible, so they can keep living their life with optimal pain control, mobility, and prevention of complications such as ulcers and ingrown toenails.

Do you take insurance? The short answer is no.

The long answer is “here’s why:” routine foot care is not covered by Medicare, and everybody needs help with their feet eventually. Those high risk patients that are covered are not reimbursed adequately for the work required. Callus care is not covered by Medicare, and of course, that is what actually leads to foot ulcers. Lastly, medical costs in general are high to help compensate for the poor Medicare reimbursement. I am trying to keep costs down and affordable for EVERYONE, not just high risk patients, since EVERYONE will need help eventually.

As a small business, I do not have the advantage of off-setting inadequate reimbursement with more lucrative procedures such as surgeries and expensive medical treatments.

My goal is to support the person- my patients. I also aim to improves access to foot care services, which are inadequate in part due to poor reimbursement. I work for my patients, not for Medicare. I plan to grow this business to meet the needs of our community, unfettered by poor reimbursement.

So…I have carefully constructed a fee structure that covers the supplies, instruments, disinfecting and sterilization process, time, teaching, legalities, ongoing medical training, and office expenses required to provide a high level of personalized care and foot care maintenance. Hopefully that seems logical. I definitely encourage questions and open discussion! Feel free to call me at 507-269-7827 or stop by!

I’d like to thank everyone who has stopped by, received care, and supported Foot Care Professionals thus far. How invigorating is has been to meet with so many patients, local businesses, health care providers, directors, groups, and learning the process of how we can meet the foot care needs of our community.

I welcome any ideas or feedback you may have we continue to develop new service lines in the community! Foot Care Professionals can be contacted by phone/text at 507-269-7827 or email

Published by Sheila

APRN, CNP, CFCS Certified Foot Care Specialist

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