How to Choose Shoes

Your shoes are your wheels. You don’t put bad tires on your car. Don’t put bad “tires” on your body. Our bodies need all the support they can get to carry on our independent living activities. In the medical world, shoes are actually considered a medical device. They are taken quite seriously as a contributor to your mobility, your safety, and your overall health.

Quick summary: Choose shoes that are wide enough, long enough, and tall enough for the feet you have now – not the feet you had when you were 20!


There are no 2 feet alike on this planet- not even on the same person!

It is important to find shoes that match your unique foot structure: *the right height *the right width *the right length *the right material (mesh-top versus leather) *the right seams (no pressure on your bunions or hammertoes) *supportive heel counter. If you can fold your shoe in half, it’s a glorified slipper! Very little support for your bone structure.

If you look down at your shoe and you can see your bones sticking out, they are too small.

Our feet continually change over time. As the arches start coming down in our mid-40s, the feet get longer and wider. Men typically will go up 2-3 shoe sizes over a lifetime. Women typically will go up 1-2 shoe sizes over a lifetime. It’s not your imagination- your foot is changing! As the foot pads thin, and the skin thins, and the gait changes, your shoes become your protection and stability.

Choosing shoes is an investment in your mobility and prevents painful pressure. If your feet hurt, everything hurts. These basic tips will help keep your feet supported so you can maximize your activities and minimize your pain!

This information is presented for you by Foot Care Professionals – helping YOU live well with YOUR feet! Call us if you need help managing your toenails or calluses. Day, evening, and weekend appointments are available, in-office or in-home.

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Published by Sheila

APRN, CNP, CFCS Certified Foot Care Specialist

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